About Us

Redpawpaw is an innovative product sampling and consumer insight service, that provides a new and qualitative way for brands to connect with their consumers. Our goal is to provide brands and manufacturers with the opportunity to delight, engage and better understand consumers by allowing them to trial new and exciting products at home each month

We realize that a large portion of the household grocery-shopping budget is being allocated to brands that consumers are already familiar with, as most shoppers are reluctant to purchase products they've never tried, or experienced. Which is why we're committed to giving consumers the chance to trial and discover a new product before they buy it, while sharing their feedback and opinions directly with the brands themselves.

Our approach is unique, and we thrive on engaging our members. Every two months our brand partners will be given the chance to create a physical and emotional link between their products and consumers, riding the wave of the digital and home delivery trends. Not only are brands able to gain exposure to a community, Redpawpaw also provides access to invaluable consumer insights to better understand how their products are performing. It's a next-level service giving brands and manufacturers an unmatched edge in a highly competitive market.

Want to know more? Send us an email to info@redpawpaw.com.au and we will be in touch!